Mobile Apps

Did you know that there are more than 2 million mobile apps available for download? And that 89 percent of the time people spend on their smart phones is spent using mobile apps? Mobile apps are taking over the world of mobile Internet usage, and they present the chance for you to earn up to 42 percent more in sales by making it easier for people to browse your site.

But, with millions of apps to choose from, you need to develop an app that stands out. You want to create a functional product, but offer cutting edge presentation. You want an app that can match what your competitors are doing, without sacrificing the unique qualities that define your company. We here at Redgate want to improve the quality of mobile app development in UAE by providing you with functional, versatile, and customized app development. Here are a few of the things we can do for you.

Our Skills

 Customized Functionality


We help your app stand out among the millions of other apps available by creating customized apps that reflect the very best qualities of your business. You have imagined and created a certain kind of business. We bring that business to life in your mobile app. We build in features that support your goals. We use colors, logos, text, and navigation that fit your brand.

Plus, as one of the best mobile application development companies in UAE, we customize your mobile app for your UAE market. We understand what your customers want from their apps, and we deliver it, every time. At the end of the process, we give you an app that reflects your vision while meeting your customers’ needs.

 Quality Presentation

Quality Presentation

People respond to beauty as much as they respond to content. That is why all of our apps come with a beautiful presentation that integrates the latest trends in mobile app development. Our presentations are simple but visually appealing. Visitors can easily navigate wherever they want, thanks to intuitive navigation. They enjoy the app because of our high resolution images and clutter-free coding. From beginning to end, your mobile app will provide a quality experience that will keep visitors coming back.

 Seamless Functionality

Seamless Functionality

Mobile application development is as much about functionality as it is about design. A beautiful app that does not work won’t earn you any customers, just like a working app that isn’t beautiful won’t earn you any praise. Here at Redgate, we bring a higher level of quality to mobile app development in UAE by combining both into a single exceptional product.

Our apps are developed by experts who have more than 7 years of experience in the field. They use their knowledge of the UAE market and the world of app development to create a mobile app in which all of the features work together seamlessly.