We make your business flourish

Redgate was founded to provide UAE businesses like yours with a unique blend of expertise, security, and creativity in their web services. We wanted to help UAE businesses like yours keep up with your competitors and get noticed by more potential customers. As an end to end business development company based in Abu Dhabi, we are dedicated to raising the quality of web development/design, SEO, web app development, and web hosting services in UAE by offering our own superior products.

Staffed by experts who have more than 7 years of experience, we have the ability to fulfill this vision. For example, we have experience with a wide variety of website frameworks; we understand the latest strategies for getting your website in front of potential customers; we have the fastest page load times of anyone in the country, and we have the ability to custom design any mobile app. Plus, we provide advanced security, with DDoS protection, to keep your website safe.

We didn’t start Redgate to show off our skill, though. We started the company to serve the customers who need a reliable, UAE-based business development company. Our vision is to provide superior services so UAE businesses can flourish. That is why we are only happy when you, the client, are satisfied with our work and are seeing concrete improvements in your online presence.

We often tell our clients, “Your dream, our reality.” No matter what you envision for your website, we can make it happen. By combining our creativity and skill with your dream, we produce websites and web apps that have an unforgettable WOW effect. We truly are committed to serving our customer and their website needs with the highest quality web services available in UAE.

Do not just believe what we say, though. Put us to the test by letting us know what your website needs are and letting us meet them. Contact us today to find out more.

Our Values

Client Satisfaction

Our motto is, “Your dream, our reality.” We are equipped and willing to bring your vision to life online through our expertise.

Quality Web Services

We do not just want to build you a website or mobile app, or host your site on our servers. We want to do all of that with excellence.

WOW Factor

We want to wow you and your website visitors with every project we complete. Through creativity and skill, we make projects you will always remember.