Impact of Penguin 4.0 on the websites

The two years wait is over as Google announced Penguin 4.0 as its official webmaster.
Websites with bad SEO, spam content, irrelevant content will now have to bear the loss as google has strict measures in terms of penguin 4.0. So, now is the time to see the good content rising and leaving behind the bulk of spamming websites and poor quality matter.
Google has this time come up with a better version of penguin. The 4.0 version has a lot for your website. Penguin is now part of the core algorithm. This update will be penalizing websites that use numerous black-hat link schemes to change search rankings.
Penguin is now real-time
The changes are done automatically without any wait with the blink of an eye. Penguin now lessens spamming by adjusting ranking based on spam signals, rather than affecting the ranking of the complete website. The welcome of Penguin 4.0 also affects the ranking of your website. Good news is that if a page on your website gets picked up by a black hat site, then your complete site won’t get penalized, just that link. In case you are now noticing any changes in the traffic trends of your website, then be rest assured that this is the work of penguin. Now strict measures are taken against spamming and duplicacy. If you have pages that you feel have been affected by Penguin, go through them once again and try to figure out what has made google to down your ranking and page. Great content is definitely now a winner. Any useless matter will now be taken off with penguin 4.0
Real impact
● The impact of penguin 4.0 can be very good on few websites while others that have been spamming and using low grade content will see lower ranking on google.
● Avoiding link spam is now even more important. Focus on useful content. When building links to your site, concentrate on quality rather than quantity.
● Guide your staff and people working on your website to re-learn rules of google and penguin 4.0. This will make your website error free with less spam. Think about adding real value to your website via your content. See to it that traffic of your website doesn’t fall. Even if it is. Work upon it.
● Get experts and industry influencers to talk on your page. This is not only bound to get you traffic but also upgrade the quality of the content.
● After building a blog on your website, your work doesn’t get over. You should see that it is updated on a daily basis. Have answers on your web site that matter to the customer. Never leave any question unanswered. This can sound expensive also but if necessary deploy a team of people for this task.
● Whenever you have time, do a competition mapping. This makes you know very well how others are engaging the customers and what’s it that is keeping their rankings high on google.
● Perform regular clean-ups on your website. Do not wait to get penalized instead work hard upon improving the content and quality of complete website with the blog.

So, the crux lies in the fact that Penguin 4.0 is way different and far more superior to its previous counterparts.
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